Top 5 BEST Fireworks For New Years Eve Under £100

Picking the perfect firework to set off when the clock strikes 12 can be hard, so we have curated a list of the BEST Fireworks for new years eve for under £100! We have hand picked our favourite fireworks of 2023 and produced a list I'm sure we can all agree on! Read more below!

5. Destroyer By Gemstone Fireworks

Destroyer gemstone fireworks

Kicking off our list we have Destroyer and it does exactly what it says on the box! This barrage stomps out the competition and shakes the ground with its bursts of light and colour! A spectacular finale piece or something just to make some noise, Destroyer by Gemstone Fireworks is one of the best Multi-shot cakes in its class!

Why not check this Firework out on our website here: Destroyer - £65

4. Jeopardy By Vivid Pyrotechnics

Jeopardy Vivid Pyrotechnics Fireworks

Taking our Number 4 spot we have Jeopardy by the much loved Vivid pyrotechnics. This firework begins steady and really builds up before giving us an all out finale, did we mention Jeopardy is packed with only 30mm tubes? Larger tubes make for bigger bursts which are sure to impress!

Check out Jeopardy on our website here: Jeopardy - £64.99

3. Loose Cannon By Vivid Pyrotechnics

At number 3 we have Loose Cannon. This compact barrage is uprated to the powerful 1.3 hazard class and contains some some fabulous effects and an even more fabulous price - £34.99

These are always in high demand, so grab one whilst you can from our website! - Loose Cannon £34.99

2. Delirious By Vivid Pyrotechnics

Delirious by vivid pyrotechnics

Our number 2 is Delirious - again by Vivid Pyrotechnics but they have brought out some very good consumer fireworks. With nearly 1 kilogram of explosive powder, this firework will punch away at he night sky filling it with colour and noise! We love the way this firework preforms and is definitely worthy of our number 2 spot!

You can find Delirious on our website here: Delirious - £75

1. Ten Out Of Ten By Celtic Fireworks 

Ten Out Of Ten

And our best firework of this year for under £100, TEN OUT OF TEN takes our top spot. With a total of 100 shots, from 25mm tubes and just shy of 1kg of powder, this firework contains a seriously loud and pretty display which In our eyes is just the perfect way to see 2024 in with a bang.

Head to our website to pick up our best fireworks of this year for under £100: Ten Out Of Ten - £84.50