The Best Firework Rockets To Let Off At New Years Eve

Dive into our list of the BEST Firework rockets to let off at New Years Eve! This list has been hand picked by us with over 20+ years of fireworks experience and we can definitely say we have seen a lot of Fireworks! 

5. DOUBLE IMPACT ROCKETS By Gemstone Fireworks

Double Impact Rockets By Gemstone Fireworks


First up on our list we have DOUBLE IMPACT ROCKETS By Gemstone Fireworks. These Hawk Style rockets have a twin burst, meaning they burst open twice in the sky after launch! 

A great addition to any display, take a look on our website here: DOUBLE IMPACT - £29.99


King reborn, shreika and messenger

In our 4th spot we have our selection of MEGA ROCKETS. Known to us as either THE MESSENGER, SHREIKA & THE KING REBORN.

THE KING ROCKET: The king rocket is possibly the loudest rocket money can buy. This rocket produces a HUGE golden palm effect and which hangs in the air for a surprising amount of time! If you need loud, this is the rocket to have!

SHREIKA: The Shreika rocket by Brothers Pyrotechnics are fantastically loud! Giving off a screeching noise upon lift off, followed by a LARGE boom, these rockets are perfect for upsetting the neighbours! 

THE MESSENGER: This 4inch shell rocket is a sensationally loud rocket creating a near perfect spherical shape as it bursts open! Golden and hanging, shell rockets always produce a stunning unmatched effect!

Save when you buy 3 or more! SHREIKA - THE MESSENGER - THE KING REBORN - £24.50 BUY 3 FOR £60


Some of the best value and best quality rockets you can get are 'HAWK STYLE' Rockets. Some of these rockets include REAPERS by Vivid Pyrotechnics and THE ROCKS by Celtic FireworksThere is a reason why these are the UK’s most popular style of rocket, big noise, big bursts, big effects and a great price.

'HAWK STYLE' Rockets - £29.99

2. SUPER ROCKS By Celtic Fireworks

Super Rocks by Celtic Fireworks

Stepping it up again and in our number 2 spot are SUPER ROCKS. This massive 3 pack of rockets house some insane effects and a hefty BOOM to complement! 

Get a hold of SUPER ROCKS from our website here: SUPER ROCKS - £79.50

1. VSR4 4"PRO SHELL ROCKETS PACK By Vivid Pyrotechnics

VSR4 4" Pro Shell rocket by vivid pyrotechnics

Taking our top spot and our pick for the BEST ROCKETS to let off at New Years Eve in 2023 are the VSR 4 rockets. These MONSTER 4inch shell rockets are seriously loud with some stunning effects from a pair of rockets which house exceptionally beautiful effects. You’ve just got to see it to believe it.

Check out our top pick on our website here: VSR4 ROCKETS - £49.99