Welcome to Elite Fireworks!
Here at Elite we are firework fanatics and are only interested in supplying the very best and most exciting fireworks available! We have been selling fireworks for the past 15 years and our shop is located in the heart of Sittingbourne town centre with a large public car park situated right next door!
We hand select the best fireworks from some of the UK's leading brangs including award winning brothers Pyrotechnics, Hallmark, Kimbolton Firewroks, Brightstar, Menshun, Brightsky, Nightstar to name a few!
We individually test, video and review each and every fireworks so that we can accurately recommend and advise you on how to create a perfect display, however big or small, noisy or quiet you may desire!
New years
We have lots of quality fireworks and have selected some of our best single ignition displays which are ideally suited for celebrating the new year!
All packages and fireworks we recommend require minimal set up time and intervention from yourself. Perfect for setting off as Big Ben strikes midnight!
Our shop will be open for the sale of new year fireworks on the 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st of December!
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